Friday, June 16, 2017

Maiden Chicago Pre-Party Show

80 Miles for Maiden.

Lead Singer:Bill Swanson & Lead guitarist Al Contras
Photo by: Devon Buhmann 
This has been an extremely busy week for Heavy Metal Thunder. First there was Vader at Reggie's in Chicago on Wednesday and on Thursday I was going to cover Ghost and Iron Maiden at Tinley Park, Illinois. For six long months I worked on getting press credentials and at the last minute was informed by their publicist that there was limited press coverage for this event. The Too Much Fun Club had been closed by Live Nation, a greedy booking agent with a net worth of 4.184 Billion dollars with a B! Greed is good in America if you're in the 1% while the rest of us work like Powerslaves for three, eight hour shifts just to see a show. If you do the math, that adds up to one 24 hour work day that this company steals, and I am sure these guys reek with fraud and bad karma. But even worse than that, small press has been denied freedom of speech and you'll see no news reports unless it's that brainless Bruno Mars or that ding-bat bitch, Katy Perry. I am sure after Live Nation reads this review, a lawsuit will come in the mail. No worries, I'll just bring a turnip to court and tell the judge he'll get more out of this rooted vegetable then he will out of my broke ass. I have no money, no car and I have no cell phone. I have been reduced to a fourth class civilian and all they will get from me is some jail time.The music business has become an ugly place and soon I'll be out of this circus of fools for good. 

Maiden Chicago
Photo by: The Evil Genius

Racing with the hot wind in my face with a dry temperature of 90 degrees down Route 43 on my 10 speed mountain bike,the time had come to see some old friends from Maiden Chicago. They where throwing a pre party show at the Side Street Tavern located just minutes away from the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater and I was not about to miss out on this feeding frenzy of Iron Maiden.  After blazing down Harlem Avenue for about 40 miles I found the place and order a Trooper Beer and a pitcher of ice cold water.  "Ah yes, give me Maiden or give me death," I said to myself and then the pre-show began. 

Classics such as Prowler and Phantom of the Opera were performed by: Bill Swanson (lead vocals)  Mike Z & Al Contreras (lead guitars) Gary Ingram (bass) and Dan Driskill (drums) and the crowd was running free on this hot summer afternoon. Other songs such as Sun & Steel and Sea of Madness were all preformed with accuracy and precision. What really impressed me the most was how well Contreras chopped out the guitar solo in The Trooper, and as we all know Adrian Smith is one hard act to follow. Nice Job Al. Keep up the good work!! I was very impressed. Some other guy from Wisconsin sang a tune, while Swanson wet his pipes with some cold water to close the show.  

The Evil Genius & Mike Z.

So, if you're feeling down, depressed and lonely and cannot see Iron Maiden, take my honest word for the fact that Maiden Chicago is the best act in town, Maiden fans. Not many folks can say they took an 80 mile flip-flop trip on a bicycle just to see a cover band and live to tell the story. Everyone there jumped on the party bus but me, and there was a long ride back to Chicago. But in the long run, the trip was worth every mile and that's how much I love Maiden Chicago! Until then, UP THE IRONS!!

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