Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Pairide

                          A City of Champions and Soldiers of Faith

There was a strangeness in the National Baseball League once the Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago Cubs. First, let's get one thing clear, this evil vortex with an odd mix of people at Wrigley Field was a dream come true for most die-hard Cub fans in 108 years.  Major League Baseball has witnessed a dream come true for us "North-Siders" and today was a great day to be alive!! Five Million fans gathered in the streets, on roof tops and anywhere else to catch a glimpse of the 2016  World Series parade for the Chicago Cubs. You can feel the love, joy, and magic in the air as spectators cheered across the city of champions.

Above, six helicopters flew over the crowd and stadium  as the Cubs players got ready to jump on some buses and zip down Sheffield and toward more madness. A Bear in the air can be a good thing when dealing with the masses such as this and luckily, having my press credentials was helpful getting into tight security.  But never mind that. I have News to report.

Mr. Cub
I mention this only because Mr. Cub AKA  Jimmy McGrough has been a Chicago Cubs fan since 1945. Mr. Cub has been on numerous talk shows and news casts explaining his admiration for the Cubs. Looking back on the Bartman years we shared a casual conversation. Ah, yeah. Mr. Cub with his genial manner and love for the Chicago Cubs, he breaks into excitement,  the winning years such as 1884, 1989 and of course 2015. There was much rich history that Mr. Cub shared and seeing this die-hard Cubs fan happy was close to my heart, for my mom shares the same passion for Chicago baseball. He slipped into the Cubby Bear for a beer, never to be seen again.

At this point the place was packed, and assholes and elbows were everywhere and the lack of sleep made some folks a bit edgy. This one older swine in his late fifties starts nagging this smaller woman and trying to bully her about space issues. If there wasn't over 100,000 cops there, I would have had some words with that guy. How dare he talk to this woman like garbage? I was pissed that this jag-off was talking like that toward a lady and wanted to say something. Defending this woman and telling this guy to piss-off would be the noble choice. However, these are different times and judging by this joker, he would cry wolf and my ass would go to jail.. Not today! No Sir! And there will be no more easy wins for the Chicago Cubs, and no more double-stacker baloney sandwiches for the Evil Genius. Victory or Death!!!

Last week was extremely busy and at this point it would take me about a week to catch up. This is not good. My only hope for next year is to see two victories in a row. It's late. Good night.