Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sudden Deth

                                             Warm Blood on Ice

               An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools. 
                                                            -Ernest Hemingway

Sudden Deth
The world of sports and music will always be plagued with winners and losers, but last night there where no tiebreakers to report. Only the victory of life-long friends gathering for a monster birthday bash held at the old stomping grounds at Smiler Coogans in Chicago.  That's right folks! Smilers is back in business and the time has come to spread the fear and enjoy the pain. There was good ju-ju in the brisk winter air as John Griffith greeted me at the door. For those who give a hoot-in-hell, Griffith and I had a falling out last year over Bat Man. Anyway, that shit was 2015 baggage and both of us agreed to leave that bad karma at the airport for the TSA Agents to find.

The Wizard & Evil Genius
Thereupon our arrival, Miss Gina and I walk toward the back and were taken by surprise by all the remodeling and what Sabu did to the place. The old wooden bar had been knocked down, spit and polished floors replaced the dingy atmosphere, and a moderate size stage for the live performances made "The New Smilers" Fucking Outstanding!!  "Humm, this could be a nice place to record local bands," I thought to myself. But never mind that. Saturday was time to celebrate my dear friend, Bernie Stalans forty-second birthday. There's an old Chinese Proverb: Mess with the bull and you'll get the horns. Well, if you are wise, then don't fuck with a goat as well. However, Stalans doesn't need his name in neon lights to feel important. However, after he finishes college there's a good chance Bernie's banker will be in the audience tapping their toes and banging some heads. That's how Bernie operates, a smooth criminal with the thirst of music at his fingertips.

Ordering two PBR's from bartender, Melanie Cobb. It was time to hit the back room and check out a local Chicago cover band titled: Sudden Deth. Members included, Mayhem (Vocals) Sam Urai & Tommy Gunn (Lead Guitars) The Wizard a.k.a. Bernie Stalans (Bass) and Aram Armageddon (Drums). Founded in July of 2012 Sudden Deth has made some major improvements during their last performance a few summers ago. However, I'll pass on the cupcakes and foolish barefoot vocalist. My feet got cold  just looking at Mayhem as he trotted around singing Rocking in the Free World. One thing's for sure, Mayhem can knock a solid punch as a frontman and you'll no Icing in his arena. A true player in this vicious blood sport of music. Twenty-two cover songs where played at Smilers. Some good and some, well.... this time my speech will remain silent. But the main idea here is not to boast on how great Sudden Deth will be the new Rock-n-Roll sensation. This day was about family and friendships that will last a lifetime.