Monday, October 27, 2014

Judas Beast Show Review

Keep Calm & Scream for The Beast!

It was Saturday night when I received a phone call from my photographer to cover an Iron Maiden tribute band in Libertyville, Illinois. "Gee, another Maiden tribute band," I thought to myself.  My true loyalty will always  be to my girlfriend Miss Gina Pfeiffer,  Maiden Chicago and of course, Blackened. I love all of them almost equally. And they key word in that last sentience is almost. Too me, seeing another band would be like me eyeballing another woman, and that is not cool by any standards. Perhaps, I could repent my evil ways, go to the show and scream for the filthy beast!

As we all know, Saturday  is the only day of the week were the Devil gives out free passes and you're allowed to become weird or wicked. It would be strange to see another cover band and that waft of god would punish me for doing so. On Sunday, I'll get my ass into church, because that's the Lord's day and there are no free passes for bad Karma. "Sure Ken," I said. Let's go and see how good Judas Beast can stack up against Maiden Chicago."  I hung up the phone, and waited for my ride.

Getting to Austin's in Libertyville was bit stressful, due to the fact that the transmission was slipping. But So Fucking What, right? And that explains our tardiness. We arrived just as Heaven & Hell was breaking down their equipment, missing the opening act, VVX completely. The place was already a madhouse with people dressed in zany Halloween costumes. Folks were decked out as Slash, Mafia trigger-chicks and Rock-n-Roll Space Pirates.It was good vibe until until the lack of hospitality came form the crude doorman that made my prevailing mood bit salty. He was dressed as an Asshole and, I pulled out the $10.00 cover charge, going inside. It was good, however, to see some old friends at this killer Halloween bash as well and seeing some Judas Beast. 

Mike Feldman & Dane McCartney
Next, the lights dimmed and the place was pitch black. The stage lights come on and Judas Beast exploded with there opening song by Slayer titled: "Seasons In The Abyss." Front-man, Dane McCarteny, offered his high range vocals and vibrant stage presents dressed as the Amazing Spider-man, that evening singing other Iron Maiden classics such as, Wrath ChildTwo Minutes to Midnight and Number of the Beast. Other members include, Matt Berger (Lead Guitarist) Mike Feldman (Bass) and Jess Naputano (Drums).  However, the only queer thing about this show, was the extra two lead guitarist Matt Verden and Jeremy Lyzik. Other than that, this show was Bad-Ass!

Photo By: Ken Kope
Meanwhile, the sound was incredibly fantastic as Lyzik spun the guitar around his neck.  The show was full of  great energy as each member gave a spectacular performance that night. Feldman match each note created by Steve Harris and drummer, Jess Naputano kept the six piece foundation tight and solid. The highlight of the evening was the 10-foot tall filthy beast, himself, Eddie as he dangerously lurked the stage. His Flashing glowing eyes and large torsal, towered over McCarteny and the rest of the band members as they kept playing all the Maiden classics. Some more Judas Priest played on, and the crowed stated to thin out after Run to the Hills during all this madness. It was getting late and it was time to head back home.

My conclusion, Judas Beast has what it takes to join the ranks and can go toe-to-toe in the ring. Chicago heavy hitters such as. Maiden Chicago, Blackened and High Alert will give Judas Beast a good fight. However, the only folks that will get a knock-out performance, will be the audience. And Chicago Local Metal will send anyone home with ringing ears from the amplifiers. If you're looking for good karma, and do not wanted to fight the high prices of major labels, than these are the bands to support.

I know a lot about seedy record labels and they reek of bad karma. So stay far away and do not feed them your hard earned greenbacks. Instead, I invite all of you to get a ticket and check
out Judas Beast at their next show. As for myself. If I can not stay true to Maiden Chicago and to the men in Blackened, then release the Kraken!

Photo By: Ken Kope