Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Pairide

                          A City of Champions and Soldiers of Faith

There was a strangeness in the National Baseball League once the Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago Cubs. First, let's get one thing clear, this evil vortex with an odd mix of people at Wrigley Field was a dream come true for most die-hard Cub fans in 108 years.  Major League Baseball has witnessed a dream come true for us "North-Siders" and today was a great day to be alive!! Five Million fans gathered in the streets, on roof tops and anywhere else to catch a glimpse of the 2016  World Series parade for the Chicago Cubs. You can feel the love, joy, and magic in the air as spectators cheered across the city of champions.

Above, six helicopters flew over the crowd and stadium  as the Cubs players got ready to jump on some buses and zip down Sheffield and toward more madness. A Bear in the air can be a good thing when dealing with the masses such as this and luckily, having my press credentials was helpful getting into tight security.  But never mind that. I have News to report.

Mr. Cub
I mention this only because Mr. Cub AKA  Jimmy McGrough has been a Chicago Cubs fan since 1945. Mr. Cub has been on numerous talk shows and news casts explaining his admiration for the Cubs. Looking back on the Bartman years we shared a casual conversation. Ah, yeah. Mr. Cub with his genial manner and love for the Chicago Cubs, he breaks into excitement,  the winning years such as 1884, 1989 and of course 2015. There was much rich history that Mr. Cub shared and seeing this die-hard Cubs fan happy was close to my heart, for my mom shares the same passion for Chicago baseball. He slipped into the Cubby Bear for a beer, never to be seen again.

At this point the place was packed, and assholes and elbows were everywhere and the lack of sleep made some folks a bit edgy. This one older swine in his late fifties starts nagging this smaller woman and trying to bully her about space issues. If there wasn't over 100,000 cops there, I would have had some words with that guy. How dare he talk to this woman like garbage? I was pissed that this jag-off was talking like that toward a lady and wanted to say something. Defending this woman and telling this guy to piss-off would be the noble choice. However, these are different times and judging by this joker, he would cry wolf and my ass would go to jail.. Not today! No Sir! And there will be no more easy wins for the Chicago Cubs, and no more double-stacker baloney sandwiches for the Evil Genius. Victory or Death!!!

Last week was extremely busy and at this point it would take me about a week to catch up. This is not good. My only hope for next year is to see two victories in a row. It's late. Good night.

Friday, June 24, 2016

T-N-T Chicago

                                 Thunderstruck at Montrose Beach 

Lead Singer: Jim Irwin
There was a strangeness of rock-n-roll thunder in Chicago on this brisk Thursday in June. Adoring fans bundled up in blankets and drinking beer as T-N-T Chicago hit the stage ready to perform all the AC/DC classics. Just then I heard the sound of the drums beating along the lake shore as the waves crashed on the golden sand. In times like these, when the War Drums of rock-n-roll howls for more music and more adult beverages it's best to relax and not to think about all the chaos and trouble around the world. No Sir. Spectators were about to stand up, be counting and pay for drinks they were about to receive.

This was some pretty awesome news as the sun-set faded behind the concrete mountains of the windy city. Lead vocalist, Jim Irwin belts out each song living on the razor edge with his tribute to both the late Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. However, with good news, bad news will follow closely behind. Rolling Stone reporter, Kory Grow mentioned that Johnson was forced to retire due to a hearing loss. 
Lead Guitarist: John Urban
"I've had a pretty good run," explained Johnson. It's like a sports player getting injury he adds to say and expressed compassion for athletes that face occupational hazards at work.

Working the crowd was lead guitarist, Jonathan Urban jamming out to "Play Ball" for all those sports fans at The Dock next to the bait shop near Montrose Harbor. Other members include:  Blake Kobiska (guitar) Stevie Conlon (bass) and Dennis Field (drums) make up the rest of this ultimate AC/DC tribute cover band.  The night continued with top charting hits such as "Have a Drink on Me" and "Shot Down In Flames." Witnessing a heavy police presence cruising

around on ATV's, that was my time for "Evil to Walk"  and get the Hell out of there. I don't like Cops much these days, and the last thing I wanted from these rollers, were to rob me of my stash of pot and write me another bull shit ticket.

Ah, but never mind all that. That's all in the past now and the future of T-N-T Chicago looks pretty promising. If you're a die hard AC/DC fan you will love T-N-T Chicago. This is where the fun begins with an outstanding performance each and every time. I suggest you get that next ticket for House of Blues and check out the ultimate AC/DC concert experience without spending a ton of cash.   

T-N-T Chicago

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Under The Nazi Thumb

                                  Racial Profiling & Code of Silence in Chicago

The treasure of guilt and shame has been buried deep within the Chicago Police Department for decades regarding racism. This brutal democracy has now become a horror show of death and violence as the world watches metropolitan Chicago struggle to find the real truth behind this anti-Semitic establishment. “Everyone, in some way has a racial subconscious,” explained, 21-year old Danny Vargas.  If I see a group of Black guys on the street I try and avoid them because they might start trouble,” Vargas adds to say. However, the only trouble now are the new findings from the New York Times last April. News reports suggest that C.P.D had banned most anonymous citizen complaints. Furthermore.  unvarnishing the facts to cover up the written reports made by officers was just the tip of the iceberg.  Murders have increased 84% since 2015, and with 605 shootings and 131 homicides the darkest fear could be on your street next.  
Admittedly, news media, gangster rap music videos and Hollywood motion pictures have fuel the fires that have cremated our society of kindness into dark ashes of hate. This type of brainwashing has ensued a negative effect among African-Americans and has undermined their civil liberties. Today, most people cannot drive in their own towns or neighborhoods without civil rights being violated. For example, Irish Djurdjulov was pulled over in Niles just driving to the store. “One time they [Niles law enforcement] stopped my son, explained 32-year Djurdjulov. “They said my son was looking through house windows in Niles which is a Caucasian suburb. However, I guess we’re the only the Black family living in this town, and that to me seems to be harassment,” adds Irish Djurdjulov.

In the same fashion, 42-year old Gigi Starr was parked with her flashy new jeep in front of some "Rib Crib" near Chicago avenue & Austin, when police rolled by, making heavy eye-contact with each other. Gigi Starr gives a warm friendly smile toward the officers and the police vanish around the corner. Approximately two o’clock in the morning Starr's friends jump in her Jeep then zipping onto Austin Blvd and zagging on Rice Street. The officers closely followed behind with the blue cherry lights blazing, ready to bust someone! Regardless if this area is a well-known hot spot for drugs. shootings and robberies Starr’s fourth Amendment rights had been sequestered on that hot August night.

The police officer approached the vehicle  and told everyone to put their hands up in front of them, explains Starr in shocking detail. "GET YOUR HANDS UP NOW" yelled the red-headed cop with fire in his eyes," Starr continues. As Gigi Starr stepped out of her Jeep the officer looked her up and down with disgust. "What are you going in this neighborhood?" asked the officer with an unpleasant tone to his voice Starr adds to say. Next  the law enforcement officer asked if she had any contraband in her vehicle. No! Starr replied in an irate tone to her voice. Be my guest officer" The officer then gave back Starr's drivers license without any pleasantries or concerns for Starr's safety. .  

Even though no arrest had been made, Both Djurdjulov and Starr could have suffered negative effects after being sized up and verbally abused by officers that lack respect for the US Constitution. In a written statement by Gigi Starr she stressed some important facts. As an Irish-American decent, Starr was profiled as a person of interest without probable cause. Sure, folks may have been mugged or murdered in broad daylight in this area yet, there are good people who go to work everyday. Life can be hard for most of us and some try to help each other Starr writes. But in the end, it's family and placing a label on our home is down-right appalling expressed Starr with deep concerns about Chicago's future.

Under those circumstances, we look back at the death of Laquan McDonald who was shot sixteen times by a white officer back in 2015. This action caused a major uproar as Chicagoans tried to force Mayor Rahm Emanuel out of office and into the streets.  The only true victory was removing Anita Alvarez and replacing her with Kim Foxx as Cook County State’s Attorney. Meanwhile, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has geared up this Gestapo Task Force to try and combat racial tension between the Chicago Police Department and its citizens. Stepping into the bright hot spotlight is new appointed Police President, Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police superintendent, Eddie Johnson.  “What we hear from people all across the city is they felt like they didn’t even have a claim to the geography in the front of their house, on their street or in their neighborhoods, said Lightfoot during her interview with the New York Times.

For the most part, our code of silence may or may not protect us from our own Nazi law enforcement. Just remember folks, it’s going to take more than Lightfoot and her army of flatfoots to end racial profiling in this beautiful city with an ugly hidden agenda. I take no pleasure in reporting the truth about our white masters. For centuries white men from England have killed other races around the world and have exploited the whole human race. But once you start gibber-jabbering about civil rights, strange things begin to happen. For example, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, two very wealthy and powerful men had been shot in public. Though King’s triggerman was capture by local police, no one went to jail for Kennedy’s murder. Point being, our own establishment can and will kill you without shedding a single tear.
It would be unwise not to cooperate with the police and go about your business. If you think for one moment that you are special and have rights, well you could be dead wrong or you’re going to get the business by the fuzz. They are called fuzz because they blow around the city bothering folks. This is what cops do and they seem to like it this way. Should you get pulled over and questioned by the police, here are some helpful tips to keep you out of jail.  Always place your hands on the wheel in plain view. Do not give these bastards a reason to shoot you. Next, ask why they pulled you over in first place. This will assert your innocence and opens up the door to exercise your Fifth Amendment right.

This is where critical thinking come into play. A smart driver will exit the vehicle, lock the doors to prevent an illegal search. Make this verbally clear that you do not consent to a search. This will anger the officer and he will try and manipulate you by offering to help you. Do not trust him, for he was trained to lie and trained to steal your freedom. Do not let this happen, ask if you are free to go and get the Hell out of there.  The Supreme Court says once you are cited, you are free to leave and go about the day. If people can learn to practice their own code of silence, jails and cemeteries would be less crowed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Anxiety & Apathy on the Campaign Trail-- 2016

                                 Your Vote Counts, But The Money Is Boss.
Donald Trump
There was no gleeful thoughts in Chicago, or anywhere else in the United States on election day. The only true losers are the working class in this country and the word morality was in yesterday's headlines.  I was assigned to work for the Board of Election Commissioners on Tuesday, March 15 2016 as a Republican judge for the 33rd Ward. Now for Supreme Court justices, they enjoy kidding around about their careers that hold a "life sentence"  However, if you have ever been locked up in Cook County Jail, this is not  an amusing punchline.  Anyone that believes "it will not matter who our next president will be" has never had to fight in some CIA War with a hidden agenda. But never mind that!

My focus in this article is to inform the voter regarding the Primary Election in 2016 and share some valuable insight with numbers from the polls last night. All precincts  in the Chicagoland area, there were no Nonpartisan ballots and each voter had to chose a Republican, Democratic or Green party ballots. This is a Primary Election and this is how they like it down there at Election Central. To put this in a simpler way, each candidate must fight and steal like a pirate to become an emperor, depending on what office they select.  This is not easy. In fact, destroying evidence while under a federal investigation would put most of us prison. By the same token, one could become the nominee for their political party. Meeting lobbyists, getting endorsements and shady advertisement is how these wars are fought and won and lost at the taxpayer's expense.

Hillary Clinton
The downward vortex of feeble-mindedness in the country continues to grow with celebrity worship. I say this with a heavy heart, because Kanye West could have a fighting chance in this blood sport of power junkies. Nevertheless, most blue-collar Americans see West as fool and a deadbeat failure and that is not going to fly in Washington DC. The only thing flying now is a slow bald eagle, waiting for Walmart to be distorted. On the contrary, Hillary Clinton used Florida Senator, Marco Rubio like a human punching bag, sweeping states such as Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina. Clinton's victory in Ohio was a liberation that clinched the mid-west for the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, Ohio is a four-letter word and I have few four letter words that can be mustered up for Madam Secretary.

Bernie Sanders
Okay, I am getting a little pissed-off right now, so let's stitch this article up with a rapid-fire response. Equally important, is what is known as a Caucus. Adopted from an Algonguin Indian word meaning "to meet together" has now become what is known as a political circus in Iowa. Now, after Donald Trump's victory in Florida it would be wise for America to join together and vote for Dave Mustaine, an All-American vocalist from a band called Megadeth. Donald Trump reeks with greed and bad karma. But even worse, is Bernie Sanders who would like to give away free shit to the lazy people that refuse to work and earn their keep in this country. Ah yes. Land of the free, and all things considered, this natural-born patriot strongly believes that these evildoers are playing in a different court with a new racket. A game of lies full of smoke and mirrors, only to pickpocket the consumer so they can pay higher taxes. They could care less if we live or die. The machine will still count our vote even after we're dead.




Sunday, March 13, 2016

Muse: Drones Review


                        Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Muse

                               When you give free speech to people, things get out of hand   
                                                                                             -Mikhail Gorbachev

There is a school of wisdom among most Rock–n-Roll journalists that believe President Barack Obama  should be put to sleep for the greater good of humanity. Maybe they are right for having such animosity toward shadow governments, police brutality and soulless killing machines.  There is enough trouble and chaos to be terrified about without the notion of being vaporized in your own backyard by some military CIA Drone.  Of course, that is just crazy talk and some hideous bogeyman flying around Chicago might get shot down buzzing around our airspace.
All things considered, Muse is probably one of the most respected British rock groups that may offer some nail-biting anxiety from their 7th studio release titled: Drones. Nevertheless, finding that right composition, mixing super-charged guitar riffs along with incorporating piano melodies has changed the game for this Grammy award winning power trio.  “Dead Inside” begins with a solid dance groove and strange emotions of apathy. Other songs such as “Psycho”   “JFK” and “Defector” offer wild-eyed conspiracy theories and tales of evildoers trying to control the masses.
Matt Bellamy 
“Mercy” truly shows the bands talent as musical performers. This up-beat tempo blends Matt Bellamy’s soothing tone in his vocals as well as his lightly distorted guitar playing during this track.  A rock piano style accompanies this melody, adding a somber feeling as the listener eases back to the steady bass drum tempo waiting for the men of shadows that run a gambit of fear. Even the music video for “Mercy” is outstanding! Clones and Binary codes are used as a substantial backdrop that convey a message that you are greater in numbers.  Personally, this track is worth listening to over and over again.   

Other members of Muse include, Chris Wolstenholme (bassist) and Dominic Howard (drums) have earned them an honorable position in 2012 with their hit song “Survival” at the Olympic games in London.  Demonstrating a sure force of influence, Muse is using music as a weapon to defeat tyranny. For those who follow history, Estonia was abandoned by the world and defeated the Russian government by using music.  Impossible as this may seem when everything is lost, a singing revolution regained Estonia’s independence. The time has come to take back our freedom and shift the power back to the people of our great nation. Most importantly, we must join forces with Muse and end public brutality and put an end to all the pain and suffering in the world. With that said, we must fight the good fight for all humanity and preserve our freedom for future generations.  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Chicago Field Museum Review

                        A Journey Inside The Center of Eternity
The Chicago Field Museum

Environmental science has two functional systems that can be measured. One is the natural system, and of course, our seven billion people that reside on planet Earth. A good way to study the miracle of life, would be to take a voyage to the Chicago Field Museum and explore the past that may help you understand the future.  For this writing assignment, Dr. Rincon asked me to view the Earth science exhibits and report on fossils, gems and minerals. However, the rock and metals I've researched are Bob Seger and Iron Maiden. This could be far worse than dumb, should this essay include "Old Time Rock-n-Roll" and "Powerslave." But never mind that. The task at hand now, is to impress the good doctor, write a field report on Rockology and to think like a true Geologist.

Upon my arrival at 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, I was greeted with a warm welcome by Exhibitions Project Manager,  Susan Neill. We exchanged pleasantries and I mentioned to Ms. Neill that as a young boy, my father would take me to Field Museum, exploring dynamic cultures and seeing amazing animals that once roamed the surface on this spectacular planet some 30,000,000 million years ago.  From dinosaurs to ancient american, one can enjoy the Kenneth and Annd Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet or take a trip back in time to the Ancient America some 13,000 years ago. Experiencing the Ice-Age world of a frozen tundra as hunters and gathers fight for survival achieving  human ingenuity, using Stone & Bone as they join the quest for fire.

Underground Adventure
The Chicago Field Museum was founded in 1893 under the name of   The Colombian Museum of Chicago  that aroused much public attention. My attention was drawn toward the Grainger Hall of Gems located on the second floor.  Glass display cases revealed organic, oxides and silicates along the darkened walls. Inside the center of the exhibit where earth's elements and other rock-forming minerals. Directly in front, as you enter the room, a Comfort Tiffany's window with rare stones such as the Oregon Sunstone Pendant.   The really cool thing about this Hall of Gems, are the three stages of transformation for raw crystals. A cut and polished stone rest on a larger mineral and resembles the Fortress of Solitude where a fictitious superhero named Superman once lived.   

Grainger Hall of Gems
You may recall in Superman III when the man of steel crushed a lump of coal to form a perfectly cut polished diamond. By way of contrast, we know that motion picture studios use Hollywood magic and special effects that created this illusion. In any case, Stardust was formed five billion years ago, allotropes of carbon formed and were buried deep inside earth's mantel. As a result, a diamond is brought to the surface through a volcanic eruption and washed away at sea only to be found hundreds of thousands of years later. The fact that diamonds are top in mineral strength,has made the diamond superior for coating and tipping  modern tools such as chainsaws and other advance manufacturing products.  Advertisers such as De Beers suggest that "Diamonds are Forever"  and unlike gold, silver and copper consumers are aware that there is no fixed market for this precious mineral.  As for myself, Death and Taxes are forever. Nothing is permanent and that life is the most valuable commodity on this planet. 

In this final analysis, the Chicago Field Museum can be a day of fun and learning for the whole family. Three levels you can research, a wicked 3-D theater with earthshaking roars from a T-Rex name Sue. There was also a boy named Sue written by Johnny Cash, but you will not find him there. But what you will find are play labs a DNA Discovery Center and a Museum library for all those wild-eyed scientists trying to build a Flux-Capacitor.  If you would like more information on the Chicago Field Museum, give Em' a call at: 312-922-9410. They are friendly and would love to help you in your adventure for the quest of knowledge.   

A T-Rex Named Sue
All photos by: The Evil Genius

Friday, February 12, 2016

Chicago Auto Show 2016

First held in 1901 at Coliseum exposition hall, the Chicago Auto Show has become the largest and most popular car show in the United States for the past 109 years.Two great American pastimes have come together under one roof as thousands of vehicles from around the world have been on display. Featuring a Lamborghini Diablo in 1990 and Dodge Challenger SRT8 back in 2008 were among the some of  the heavyweights at past events. Other gas guzzling, high performance vehicles such as the Mercury Bobcat and Cadillac Seville Diesel have been showcased at the Chicago Auto Show as a reminder that Chicago is the city that works and  that our city will always put the hustle behind the muscle for just about any car enthusiast. We welcome all of them with big shoulders and open arms.

Unfortunately, I wish this was true with Russel Datz, CEO of Volvo. I say this because we conducted an interview last year and yesterday Datz treated me as if I had Leprosy. But that don't matter, my true loyalty is Jeep. So without wasting too much time, here are some pictures to enjoy.

This is not a Dorlean. Why would Toyota use this crappy car to trick the public? A DeLorean Time Machine was used in this 1985 Sci-fi classic that was fueled by 1.21 jiggowatts of electricity. Today, the DeLorean has been outlaw for its drug smuggling attributes inside the wheel rims. Now this car has run Outta Time.

Next, is the Rolls Royce.A rare breed in the buys market that can be purchase for a mere cost of $286,750.
MPG: 13 City & 21 Interstate
Engine: V-12
Horsepower: 563

For the price of a small American town, the Lamborghini Bugatti is indeed a rappers delight. There can be much written about this super-car. But why bother? Take a nice long look, because you & I will never drive one of these beauties.

Enclosing, The Chicago Auto Show is one of my favorite events to see. Always a good time full of fun and excitement around ever corner for the whole family.

The Evil Genius & Lamborghini Bugatti 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sudden Deth

                                             Warm Blood on Ice

               An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools. 
                                                            -Ernest Hemingway

Sudden Deth
The world of sports and music will always be plagued with winners and losers, but last night there where no tiebreakers to report. Only the victory of life-long friends gathering for a monster birthday bash held at the old stomping grounds at Smiler Coogans in Chicago.  That's right folks! Smilers is back in business and the time has come to spread the fear and enjoy the pain. There was good ju-ju in the brisk winter air as John Griffith greeted me at the door. For those who give a hoot-in-hell, Griffith and I had a falling out last year over Bat Man. Anyway, that shit was 2015 baggage and both of us agreed to leave that bad karma at the airport for the TSA Agents to find.

The Wizard & Evil Genius
Thereupon our arrival, Miss Gina and I walk toward the back and were taken by surprise by all the remodeling and what Sabu did to the place. The old wooden bar had been knocked down, spit and polished floors replaced the dingy atmosphere, and a moderate size stage for the live performances made "The New Smilers" Fucking Outstanding!!  "Humm, this could be a nice place to record local bands," I thought to myself. But never mind that. Saturday was time to celebrate my dear friend, Bernie Stalans forty-second birthday. There's an old Chinese Proverb: Mess with the bull and you'll get the horns. Well, if you are wise, then don't fuck with a goat as well. However, Stalans doesn't need his name in neon lights to feel important. However, after he finishes college there's a good chance Bernie's banker will be in the audience tapping their toes and banging some heads. That's how Bernie operates, a smooth criminal with the thirst of music at his fingertips.

Ordering two PBR's from bartender, Melanie Cobb. It was time to hit the back room and check out a local Chicago cover band titled: Sudden Deth. Members included, Mayhem (Vocals) Sam Urai & Tommy Gunn (Lead Guitars) The Wizard a.k.a. Bernie Stalans (Bass) and Aram Armageddon (Drums). Founded in July of 2012 Sudden Deth has made some major improvements during their last performance a few summers ago. However, I'll pass on the cupcakes and foolish barefoot vocalist. My feet got cold  just looking at Mayhem as he trotted around singing Rocking in the Free World. One thing's for sure, Mayhem can knock a solid punch as a frontman and you'll no Icing in his arena. A true player in this vicious blood sport of music. Twenty-two cover songs where played at Smilers. Some good and some, well.... this time my speech will remain silent. But the main idea here is not to boast on how great Sudden Deth will be the new Rock-n-Roll sensation. This day was about family and friendships that will last a lifetime.