Friday, June 24, 2016

T-N-T Chicago

                                 Thunderstruck at Montrose Beach 

Lead Singer: Jim Irwin
There was a strangeness of rock-n-roll thunder in Chicago on this brisk Thursday in June. Adoring fans bundled up in blankets and drinking beer as T-N-T Chicago hit the stage ready to perform all the AC/DC classics. Just then I heard the sound of the drums beating along the lake shore as the waves crashed on the golden sand. In times like these, when the War Drums of rock-n-roll howls for more music and more adult beverages it's best to relax and not to think about all the chaos and trouble around the world. No Sir. Spectators were about to stand up, be counting and pay for drinks they were about to receive.

This was some pretty awesome news as the sun-set faded behind the concrete mountains of the windy city. Lead vocalist, Jim Irwin belts out each song living on the razor edge with his tribute to both the late Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. However, with good news, bad news will follow closely behind. Rolling Stone reporter, Kory Grow mentioned that Johnson was forced to retire due to a hearing loss. 
Lead Guitarist: John Urban
"I've had a pretty good run," explained Johnson. It's like a sports player getting injury he adds to say and expressed compassion for athletes that face occupational hazards at work.

Working the crowd was lead guitarist, Jonathan Urban jamming out to "Play Ball" for all those sports fans at The Dock next to the bait shop near Montrose Harbor. Other members include:  Blake Kobiska (guitar) Stevie Conlon (bass) and Dennis Field (drums) make up the rest of this ultimate AC/DC tribute cover band.  The night continued with top charting hits such as "Have a Drink on Me" and "Shot Down In Flames." Witnessing a heavy police presence cruising

around on ATV's, that was my time for "Evil to Walk"  and get the Hell out of there. I don't like Cops much these days, and the last thing I wanted from these rollers, were to rob me of my stash of pot and write me another bull shit ticket.

Ah, but never mind all that. That's all in the past now and the future of T-N-T Chicago looks pretty promising. If you're a die hard AC/DC fan you will love T-N-T Chicago. This is where the fun begins with an outstanding performance each and every time. I suggest you get that next ticket for House of Blues and check out the ultimate AC/DC concert experience without spending a ton of cash.   

T-N-T Chicago

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