Saturday, April 23, 2016

Under The Nazi Thumb

                                  Racial Profiling & Code of Silence in Chicago

The treasure of guilt and shame has been buried deep within the Chicago Police Department for decades regarding racism. This brutal democracy has now become a horror show of death and violence as the world watches metropolitan Chicago struggle to find the real truth behind this anti-Semitic establishment. “Everyone, in some way has a racial subconscious,” explained, 21-year old Danny Vargas.  If I see a group of Black guys on the street I try and avoid them because they might start trouble,” Vargas adds to say. However, the only trouble now are the new findings from the New York Times last April. News reports suggest that C.P.D had banned most anonymous citizen complaints. Furthermore.  unvarnishing the facts to cover up the written reports made by officers was just the tip of the iceberg.  Murders have increased 84% since 2015, and with 605 shootings and 131 homicides the darkest fear could be on your street next.  
Admittedly, news media, gangster rap music videos and Hollywood motion pictures have fuel the fires that have cremated our society of kindness into dark ashes of hate. This type of brainwashing has ensued a negative effect among African-Americans and has undermined their civil liberties. Today, most people cannot drive in their own towns or neighborhoods without civil rights being violated. For example, Irish Djurdjulov was pulled over in Niles just driving to the store. “One time they [Niles law enforcement] stopped my son, explained 32-year Djurdjulov. “They said my son was looking through house windows in Niles which is a Caucasian suburb. However, I guess we’re the only the Black family living in this town, and that to me seems to be harassment,” adds Irish Djurdjulov.

In the same fashion, 42-year old Gigi Starr was parked with her flashy new jeep in front of some "Rib Crib" near Chicago avenue & Austin, when police rolled by, making heavy eye-contact with each other. Gigi Starr gives a warm friendly smile toward the officers and the police vanish around the corner. Approximately two o’clock in the morning Starr's friends jump in her Jeep then zipping onto Austin Blvd and zagging on Rice Street. The officers closely followed behind with the blue cherry lights blazing, ready to bust someone! Regardless if this area is a well-known hot spot for drugs. shootings and robberies Starr’s fourth Amendment rights had been sequestered on that hot August night.

The police officer approached the vehicle  and told everyone to put their hands up in front of them, explains Starr in shocking detail. "GET YOUR HANDS UP NOW" yelled the red-headed cop with fire in his eyes," Starr continues. As Gigi Starr stepped out of her Jeep the officer looked her up and down with disgust. "What are you going in this neighborhood?" asked the officer with an unpleasant tone to his voice Starr adds to say. Next  the law enforcement officer asked if she had any contraband in her vehicle. No! Starr replied in an irate tone to her voice. Be my guest officer" The officer then gave back Starr's drivers license without any pleasantries or concerns for Starr's safety. .  

Even though no arrest had been made, Both Djurdjulov and Starr could have suffered negative effects after being sized up and verbally abused by officers that lack respect for the US Constitution. In a written statement by Gigi Starr she stressed some important facts. As an Irish-American decent, Starr was profiled as a person of interest without probable cause. Sure, folks may have been mugged or murdered in broad daylight in this area yet, there are good people who go to work everyday. Life can be hard for most of us and some try to help each other Starr writes. But in the end, it's family and placing a label on our home is down-right appalling expressed Starr with deep concerns about Chicago's future.

Under those circumstances, we look back at the death of Laquan McDonald who was shot sixteen times by a white officer back in 2015. This action caused a major uproar as Chicagoans tried to force Mayor Rahm Emanuel out of office and into the streets.  The only true victory was removing Anita Alvarez and replacing her with Kim Foxx as Cook County State’s Attorney. Meanwhile, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has geared up this Gestapo Task Force to try and combat racial tension between the Chicago Police Department and its citizens. Stepping into the bright hot spotlight is new appointed Police President, Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police superintendent, Eddie Johnson.  “What we hear from people all across the city is they felt like they didn’t even have a claim to the geography in the front of their house, on their street or in their neighborhoods, said Lightfoot during her interview with the New York Times.

For the most part, our code of silence may or may not protect us from our own Nazi law enforcement. Just remember folks, it’s going to take more than Lightfoot and her army of flatfoots to end racial profiling in this beautiful city with an ugly hidden agenda. I take no pleasure in reporting the truth about our white masters. For centuries white men from England have killed other races around the world and have exploited the whole human race. But once you start gibber-jabbering about civil rights, strange things begin to happen. For example, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, two very wealthy and powerful men had been shot in public. Though King’s triggerman was capture by local police, no one went to jail for Kennedy’s murder. Point being, our own establishment can and will kill you without shedding a single tear.
It would be unwise not to cooperate with the police and go about your business. If you think for one moment that you are special and have rights, well you could be dead wrong or you’re going to get the business by the fuzz. They are called fuzz because they blow around the city bothering folks. This is what cops do and they seem to like it this way. Should you get pulled over and questioned by the police, here are some helpful tips to keep you out of jail.  Always place your hands on the wheel in plain view. Do not give these bastards a reason to shoot you. Next, ask why they pulled you over in first place. This will assert your innocence and opens up the door to exercise your Fifth Amendment right.

This is where critical thinking come into play. A smart driver will exit the vehicle, lock the doors to prevent an illegal search. Make this verbally clear that you do not consent to a search. This will anger the officer and he will try and manipulate you by offering to help you. Do not trust him, for he was trained to lie and trained to steal your freedom. Do not let this happen, ask if you are free to go and get the Hell out of there.  The Supreme Court says once you are cited, you are free to leave and go about the day. If people can learn to practice their own code of silence, jails and cemeteries would be less crowed.


  1. Just cause I'm white in a predominantly Black neighborhood, I had to be up to no good. Wrong!!
    Good hard working families live in these neighborhoods as well, they didn't ask for the Violence Drugs and Killings, We are all prisoners in our homes in Urban Chicago, because the city of Chicago only Worries about Downtown our tourism attractions.
    Gigi Starr

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  3. Thanks for the interview & Comments Ms. Starr. One day Chicago will get things right again. Have faith.