Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life Is A Delicious Bitch, and She's In Heat!!

Most Metal Heads will scoff at the notion of  Marilyn Manson, much less a tribute band fresh form Chicago. My grudge against Brian H. Warner has been smoking on a personal back burner for many years- since the early 1990's with his Bullshit music such as Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals. It drove me insane then, and it still does to this very day. Despite countless lawsuits, his rip-off version of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and the fact that this clown once lived in Ohio, has made me a salty journalist that will seriously question the integrity of his music.  However, putting all personal feeling aside, it was off to Nightcaps to show some local support to Delicious Bitch. 

The Saturday night was still young and I had arrived way too early for the show. Greeting me at the door was Vince S. a super-cool bouncer with no ego or Power trip issues. He shook and stamped my left hand and said, "Enjoy the show and thanks for coming out tonight." I gave a slight nod, ordered a beer and saw the bassist from Pipe, John Streba. He was there free-lancing his musical skills and to help out our good friend Van Halen Dave at his Birthday bash. "I gotta jet for a moment," I said to Streba and left for a few hours.

Father Christmas & Rudy Guzman
Once I returned, Vicious Circle was on stage performing the classic hit Wrathchild written by Iron Maiden. Sure, I could go on and on about the powerful vocals of Rudy Guzman and the band's outstanding showmanship that evening. However, I would like to give Dave Carlson (Nightcaps Manager) a special thanks for providing live weekend entertainment at his establishment and allowing local talent to shine in the dim spotlight at his dive bar on the Northside of Chicago. Carlson has always been a gracious club owner to his guests, which brings me back to the ominous fate of Delicious Bitch.  

John Streba
The room darken, the intor starts and bassist, John Streba was not on stage yet, but in fact was in the bathroom playing with his Pipe. As fans may or may not know, Streba has a thing for bathrooms and heavy Pipes. But let's not get into all that right now, shall we? It was time to restart the shows introduction as Delicious Bitch open with Irresponsible Hate Anthem.  The stage set-up, the theatrical make-up and live performance was indeed a night to remember. Other members included, lead guitarist, Neo and drummer Godeater that offered a solid foundation for all the Marilyn Manson classics.  Beautiful People, Long Hard Road Outta Hell and Crucifixion in Space  were just a few songs played at the VH Dave birthday bash and it was time go home.

Photo by: Ken Kope  Delicious Bitch-  John Streba VH Dave Neo & Godeater

I have learned. in my life and my work as a Rock-n-Roll journalist that not all bands are created equal and that you might be surprised to find some good talent in your backyard. So again, I urge you to get off your electronic devices and witness history and enjoy life.