Saturday, November 2, 2013

Playing with Madness at Hard Rock Cafe.

The world of underground music has always been plagued with Scrap Metal cover bands such as Judas Beast, Battery and Kashmir. Not to say that these Chicago local acts are bad, I am not saying they are good, either.  I mention this only because of my deep admiration for Iron Maiden and Megadeth. Two hard-hitting, in your face kind of music that our parents love to hate. "TURN THAT SHIT DOWN!" me Mum would say. I would go into my room and blast my headphones and drift far away from the painful place they once called, teenage wasteland. Now, as a grown adult, I can find my happy place and see my favorite tribute bands such as High Speed Dirt & Maiden Chicago anywhere in the city.

High Speed Dirt
Last night was a rough one boys and girls, and I am still trying to get my voice back from all the cheering and singing. My blood pressure, adrenaline and serotonin shot though the roof at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, as High Speed Dirt, opened for the Heavy Metal Tribute Show. It was a good performance, and songs such as, Holy Wars, Peace Sells and Wake Up Dead had the crowd hungry for more. Next on the bill was Sin After Sin, playing all your Judas Priest classics. Lead guitarist, Neven Trifunovich shredded his Jackson Flying V, nailing each note to perfection. Painkiller, Screaming for Vengeance and Breaking Law, were just a few songs on their set list and the night just kept getting better.

Neven Trifunovich: Sin After Sin
Two minutes until Midnight and it was party time! That's right folks, Maiden Chicago headlined this gig and their fans had become stage-crazy, as lead vocalist, Bill Swanson worked the crowd and the microphone. He seemed a little apprehensive, when a nine year old boy out performed Swanson during Wrathchild. Who was that kid? Do his parents know that he's out all night singing Number of the Beast, Aces High and Powerslave? Well, okay then. It's a lot better than Taylor Swift and Radio Disney.

Meanwhile, after stuffing my face with Rock-n-Roll Nachos, it was time to join in on the fun. The Trooper was played, the audience sang along and I received a bottled beer, brewed by Iron Maiden from lead vocalist, Mr. Swanson. It was a great night in Chicago and that's why I love this town.
There's no place like home and there's no one like Maiden Chicago.

Photos By: Bruce T. Pelletier