Monday, September 28, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe Staff Talent Show Review

                      The Blood Moon Skies of Music.

Hard Rock Cafe Chicago
There was much taking place on this Sunday Autumn night in the Jewel of the Midwest. It was the last go-round for a 20-year old Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, a rare eclipse of a Super-moon that will not return until 2033 and the Hard Rock Cafe's Talent Show.  Most good stories begin with Three Blind Mice, Three Dog Night or the Three Musketeers.  Hosting this live event where the Three Zany Diablos,  Wallace, Stagg & Brian, whom organized a little party after work for friends and family to enjoy. For only a $5.00 cover charge, folks received an appetizer buffet, poetry readings and some heart felt music from all the staff that worked at the Hard Rock Cafe located in Chicago.
Stagg, Wallace & Brian

The room was filled with laughter as the blue lights glowed from the fog machine. and a White Stripes music video is playing on the flat screen televisions.  The video fades to black and Jared takes the stage with his acoustic set. Songs such as "The Wonder," Anchor and a song that helped transformed the Beatles from rock to pop with "Eleanor Rigby." Setting back, listening to the feel-good and sipping on my adult beverage, the mood was quite pleasant on this muggy end of summer night.

Jared & Brittany
Looking around the venue, I noticed some yummy pink cupcakes that were made by Cat Messer. "None for me," I said to my girlfriend. Beer and cupcakes don't mix. She went outside to light-up a smoke, as I jotted down some more notes in this intimate setting. Brittany Stead opened her heart with a song, mentioning her father's passing. "It has always been a dream to play on the Hard Rock stage," explained Stead. And with that said, she began to play "Over The Rainbow" for her spectators and dreams will come. However, one must fight for those dreams, and make them materialize, just as Brittany Stead did that evening.

The jokes, monologue and music kept going at the Hard Rock Cafe, and it was nice to be invited into their family only for a moment in time.  Allie was on stage next performing the Ah-Ha classic, "Take Me On."  Aside from all the fun that night, the hour was getting late. This was a school night for The Evil Genius, and getting my happy ass in class was now my top priority. In this final analysis, there are talented people all around. From busboys to bus driver, each of us have a special gift that can be shared for the betterment of humanity.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Judas Beast Show Review

                                         Feeding The Inner Beast at Nightcaps!

The clock read 11:11 PM on this busy night of fun in Chicago, as north side locals celebrated, General Manager, Dave Carlson's birthday bash at Nightcaps. Maid of Mettle has just finished their set list, and Danny Romaine was busting my balls about the free T-shirt that I received for helping Judas Beast with their food drive. Greg & Kristina Gaardbo at Shockwaves Promotional Apparel were cool enough to donate these wicked shirts if folks brought five non-perishable food items to the show. There was an odd mix of people on this Saturday night that failed to help out with the cause, and I have abandoned all hope for any kindness or generosity from this cold, rigid crowd of Judas Beast fans.

I had suffered grievously in this place, many times for reasons we do not need to talk about right now. However, Carlson unloaded five football pizzas on the pool table for all to enjoy during Judas Beast's live performance. Aces High kicked off the night, looking at the clock again, I notice the time is 11:22 PM and this Rock Star guy is setting next to me, having a drink. He seemed pretty cool, and later I found out that this was David Jett Glass form a washed-up band in the 1980's. Not even an outlaw journalist can deny the fact, that the dream is over for Glass, and perhaps being a tambourine instructor would be a better career choice for this studio cat.

There was a time, not long ago, when I looked forward to covering local bands with utter excitement. Now, folks just see me as some rubber-head fool with nothing to say. Maybe it's just me? I have run out of things to say about the music industry, and the time has come to press forward with new ideas.
Judas Beast put on a fair show at Nightcaps and in this business, sound is the key element. Covering Iron Maiden's new release titled: "Speed of Light" lacked the energy by Judas Beast.  This was a tough audience at Nightcaps and from the looks of things, Judas Beast might make another appearance in two more years.  It took a lot of Guts to get on stage and play a new cover for the "Book of Souls" and I commend Judas Beast for their gallant efforts. Under these circumstances, the night was pretty cool. Dave Carlson & Sonya Mozingo have always been gracious hosts at the CAP and with that in mind, on behalf of all the Chicago Metal heads, we wish Dave Carlson good heath and a Happy Birthday! Cheers from Pelletier and may you feed your inner Beast!