Monday, January 9, 2012


 Seeking & Destroying Chicago

The underground world of Heavy Metal has changed our sub-culture environment, and our way of life as we know it. MISSTALLICA has now jointed the ranks of this elite force of "Thrash-Masters" as an all-female tribute band from the mean streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  "We meet doing music lessons for inner city kids," explained frontperson, Gina Gleason. Other members include Leann Martz (lead guitarist), Kaleen Reading, (drummer ) and Teddi Tamoff (bassist).  In 2008, MISSTALLICA took the stage by covering the first four albums by the original METALLICA.  Kill Em' All,  Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and Justice For All are well rehearsed and played to perfection.

MISSTALLICA offers fiendish dual guitar riffs, a solid double bass drummer and a powerful vocalist with a wicked range of energy.  During their sold out performance in Chicago, MISSTALLICA ruled the midnight air that evening and had the crowed begging for more. "Blackened was the hardest song  for all of us to learn play," said Martz. Leann also mentioned that she had been slamming chords for as long as she can remember and loves Heavy Metal music.  Opening that night was Heaven & Hell, and I'll honestly say  that any other tribute bands would have been twisted and smashed like an Old Style beer can and tossed in the trash in this  feeding frenzy of freaks and Misfits.

MISSTALLICA has managed to book tour dates across the country and, what the hell, who has $100  to see the real Metallica anyway?  Shit, there's a Goddamn recession and folks do not have that kind of happy money these days.  So, with that in mind, I strongly recommend that you support MISSTALLICA and boycott METALLICA. Remember, Nothing Else Matters but selling out just to buy a 14k gold toilet and  feed shit to their fans.  Until then, stay METAL!!!