Friday, February 12, 2016

Chicago Auto Show 2016

First held in 1901 at Coliseum exposition hall, the Chicago Auto Show has become the largest and most popular car show in the United States for the past 109 years.Two great American pastimes have come together under one roof as thousands of vehicles from around the world have been on display. Featuring a Lamborghini Diablo in 1990 and Dodge Challenger SRT8 back in 2008 were among the some of  the heavyweights at past events. Other gas guzzling, high performance vehicles such as the Mercury Bobcat and Cadillac Seville Diesel have been showcased at the Chicago Auto Show as a reminder that Chicago is the city that works and  that our city will always put the hustle behind the muscle for just about any car enthusiast. We welcome all of them with big shoulders and open arms.

Unfortunately, I wish this was true with Russel Datz, CEO of Volvo. I say this because we conducted an interview last year and yesterday Datz treated me as if I had Leprosy. But that don't matter, my true loyalty is Jeep. So without wasting too much time, here are some pictures to enjoy.

This is not a Dorlean. Why would Toyota use this crappy car to trick the public? A DeLorean Time Machine was used in this 1985 Sci-fi classic that was fueled by 1.21 jiggowatts of electricity. Today, the DeLorean has been outlaw for its drug smuggling attributes inside the wheel rims. Now this car has run Outta Time.

Next, is the Rolls Royce.A rare breed in the buys market that can be purchase for a mere cost of $286,750.
MPG: 13 City & 21 Interstate
Engine: V-12
Horsepower: 563

For the price of a small American town, the Lamborghini Bugatti is indeed a rappers delight. There can be much written about this super-car. But why bother? Take a nice long look, because you & I will never drive one of these beauties.

Enclosing, The Chicago Auto Show is one of my favorite events to see. Always a good time full of fun and excitement around ever corner for the whole family.

The Evil Genius & Lamborghini Bugatti