Monday, February 13, 2017

Hammer Down with the 2017 Freightliner Sprinter

2017 Frightliner Sprinter

As we all know, trucks are the lifeblood in this great nation of ours. Since the turn of the new millennia, the Chicago Auto Show has featured smaller non-commercial vehicles for personal use. This year is a little different as Freightliner made its first appearance in the city that works, with the all new 2017 Sprinter on display. Performance, fuel efficiency and safety are all thunder-clapped into one solid transport unit as professional drivers take to the open road.

This standard 2.1 liter engine is the most advanced technology found in any commercial van. Equipped with a 4-Cylinder Turbo diesel engine and 7-speed transmission allows a driver to save up to 18% on fuel costs. Furthermore, the optional 4x4 drivetrain is great and will keep you moving in just about any adverse driving conditions. From an engineering standpoint, placing a 4-Cylinder turbo diesel inside a work truck was unheard of until now.  "You get more power with a turbo piston ring, explains Alex Rivera, a leader in the automotive industry for twenty five years. He adds to say, "This is big power in a small package, giving the consumer the performance they need at price they can afford. Having this type of fuel economy, makes the Freightliner Sprinter a class all its own."

Equally important, are the five chassis options including the cargo and passenger Sprinter from Freightliner. First, what a great name for a work horse like the Sprinter WORKER Cargo van. With a 3,500 lbs payload and 486.5 cubic square feet, make this vehicle perfect for LTL runs or major city deliveries without that large 53-foot wagon on the back of your truck. Working hard means staying on the road, and drivers can do that with a 20,000-mile service interval.

In the same fashion, we focus our attention to the Sprinter WORKER Passenger van. This 12 passenger van is perfect for picking up new recruits at the bus station, or taking drivers for their DOT physicals. Your daily trips will be more secure knowing that you have advance safety features such as Crosswind Assist (sensing dangerous winds at 50 mph) and Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program. This would make a good investment for just about any motor carrier that is looking to protect their bottom line.  

 So, if you are in the market for big power with fuel efficiency, then the Freightliner might be a wise choice. While oil markets soar, these diesel engines have a higher compression ratio, making this vehicle cost effective. On average, most Sprinters have 22 mpg with a 5000 lbs towing capacity and several outstanding interior configurations makes the Freightliner Sprinter Smart, Stylish and Reliable for non-CDL holders that would like to run with Big Dogs in the transportation industry. Until then, have fun and drive safe.

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